ENUFF: Eliminate the Needless, Useless, Foolish, and Frivolous

ENUFF is a 12-chapter guidebook filled with life-changing advice gathered from many inspiring sources and put into practice for more than 40 years of studying Voluntary Simplicity and the Minimalist Movement. ENUFF’s paradigm-shifting perspectives will help you get all the tumblers to click into place, unlocking your mental hold on ALL your clutter – physical, mental, and emotional. Too much of that stuff wastes your time and energy but gives nothing of value back. Why else would you be so tired when you don’t seem to be making any progress?

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Provoking thought and challenging conventions, this easy-to-read and entertaining book will open your eyes to the real cost of all that excess baggage. From the desire to impress others and the pressure to meet expectations to the false comfort of conformity, there are many reasons to jump head first into the rat race and chase “success” – along with all the STUFF that comes with it. It also leaves too many of us wondering if that’s all there is. Simplifying your life will give you room to breathe, time to ponder, and energy to explore a more meaningful life – by uncovering the values and dreams you hold dearest. Clear some space for new possibilities! Dig out from under and discover the real you that has been buried alive.

Praise for ENUFF: Eliminate the Needless, Useless, Foolish, and Frivolous

“A very different book from others I have found … This isn’t a book that will tell you to get three boxes and label them donate, keep, trash. Nor are there steps to take to declutter. There are plenty of books out there that do a fine job of that. Instead, Kate, takes you on a journey to find yourself. Happiness doesn’t come from a clean cupboard, nor does it come from whittling your belongings to 100 or some other arbitrary number. Having enough means looking at all aspects of your life. And unlike many books written by the author of a blog, this is not a rehash of blog posts. Kate presents you with fresh ideas you can savor.”
– Lois Field, creative minimalist blogger at livingsimplyfree.wordpress.com

“From the first page I was delighted at the contents within … It contains facts, diagrams, personal accounts and a huge treasure trove of books and movies to seek out for inspiration. While reading this book I must confess I put it down several times. I didn’t set it aside because it was boring – I set it aside because it inspired me. I found myself starting a project I’ve been dreading for some time, cleaning off my perpetually covered kitchen table, installing my air conditioner and doing my laundry.”
– Annie Brewer, frugal minimalist blogger at annienygma.com

“I really enjoyed this quick read. I would read a bit, and be inspired to go do something. And any book that actually inspires me to take action is one I would recommend that everyone read.”
– LJ Earnest, productivity and simplicity blogger at SimpleProductivityBlog.com

“ENUFF shows you the ropes in a clear, unpretentious, and entertaining manner and the included resources alone are invaluable.”
– Allan Douglas, blogger at simplelifeprattle.com

“Ever wonder why catchy phrases like ‘Money can’t buy happiness’ stick? …read this book and regain the conscious ability to get back to where you want to be!” -Chris Peterson

“FINALLY! A book about simplification that’s simple!” – Lynne Stewart